The Great Failure of the 2nd American Revolution of 2016

(From Historical Archives Reading room 2111 – Source Unknown)

The bitterness and rancor of the revolutions leadership in 2016 and for the next 6 years was almost hysterical. Journalists actually broke down weeping live on air. Revealing a culpability that mostly went unanalyzed. It was a tremendous shock to Americans, whose first reaction always appeared to be one very emotional word; WHAT! Shaking every American out of the hypnotic fog of relentless propaganda never seen in history. 

The late 1930’s an 1940’s Nazi propaganda machine looked amateurish in comparison, Herr Goebbels, would have been pink with embarrassment at his exposed ineptness in what was once hailed as brilliant. We have now partaken how flaccid this great covert web was as it deflated, while in defiance of all logic to their expectations. They transformed to stone as the 2016 election results fell like snowballs of fecal matter after over at least 20 years of furious effort in preparations. The coup leaders had a blowout frenzy of exciting meetings every year since the mid 1990’s.We may never know the intricacies of their planning for The Second American Revolution. 

by Jim Kirk-Wiggins, The New American Patriot. (Sources unknown, Google images. No copyright claimed by The New American Patriot Almanac.

We and the world are one. Anarchy rises.

Published by Weagean

Writer, Philosopher, Always a Student, Saving Democracy one webpage at a time. Patriot. Retired US Air Force, Flight Engineer. "It's always darkest when you hit the mountain". um, or It's always darkest before the dawn. I've found this absolutely true in my life many times.

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