This is what the Democrats in many cities in crisis have brought to your nation.
Democrat congressional men and women by their silence, spin, and redirecting the truth.

This is what Democrat Governors, Mayor’s, city Council’s have turned great American cites into. Increasing hate, fear, violence and death. Run away anarchy and felony crime ignored, even encouraged.

I don’t promote or encourage any violence, hate, or feelings of retaliation. NO!

I cry for freedom from this destruction and sedition in my America. I plead for Vigorous, decisive action, LAW And ORDER. This is Sedition, Obviously HATE crimes, falling under Federal Jurisdiction. The FBI and Federal agent’s should arrest these perpetrators and whisk them away to Federal prisons, awaiting trial.

Being sedition, and a domestic organized attack against America, no method should be overlooked. The FBI and intelligence agencies should quickly identify the organization’s and persons bankrolling and conducting this war against America. This is a domestic war of sedition and rebellion. Use of America’s highly capable uniformed Special Forces, to avoid confrontation with local politicians, should study this option. Call out National Guard units, Federal agents and any resources available.

Politics be damned. We need to show and compare a decisive leader, who has all Americans safety in his heart. Please sign an executive order implementing swift and unrestrained forces to Make America Safe Again, Mr President.

Keep America informed, in clear communications.

by James Kirk-Wiggins, (c), Aug 18, 2020, The American Patriot Almanac. All rights reserved.

NOTE: Your written response is encouraged, and will not be edited.

Published by Weagean

Writer, Philosopher, Always a Student, Saving Democracy one webpage at a time. Patriot. Retired US Air Force, Flight Engineer. "It's always darkest when you hit the mountain". um, or It's always darkest before the dawn. I've found this absolutely true in my life many times.

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