A Better Mouse Trap

900 years of Guns, or primitive gunpowder weapons.

The Chinese invented gun powder in the 9th century. Various primitive projectile weapons followed; Hand held cannons, Fire Lance, Pole gun and other not totally successful gun powder propellant dependent weapons emerged. The Musket, a success in the Mideast and then Europe, came about in the late 1400’s. (Wikipedia, History of Firearms.)

For 500 years we have used upgraded muskets, for warfare, civil defense, And citizens safety by our police. Makes you wonder why in 500 years we haven’t created a more versatile weapon, where deadly force isn’t the only outcome available. Consider technology leaps across the board in everything mankind considered useful. Everything!

To say it’s time for a paradigm shift in personal weapon, research and development is absurdly apparent. Why kill every person we want to subdue or incapacitate. “Black Lives Matter? Right? All life matters and extreme force, termination, is not the only available solution. It can’t be. We who invented space craft, Atomic weapons, digital wonders, transportation marvel’s, scientific and medical miracles are just too intelligent for modified deadly muskets.

As an aircrew member in our armed forces, I carried a concealed “anti-hickacking weapon “ (A 38 pistol with 3 plastic bullets front loaded, followed by 3 hollow point deadly bullets.) I believe the plastic bullets were more for protection of aircraft components than to save lives. At the time it didn’t concern me, I planned to rapidly fire all 6 at my terrorist Yet is a police force armed with different cartridges for different circumstances reasonable. I know plastic bullets have been used in the past, but a little ingenuity could create a better mousetrap.

This Doesn’t Look Like A Mousetrap

  1. Consider a bullet that contains an injectable chemical, that incapacitates, in-mobilizes, an anesthetic, or maybe filled with LSD? My short alternatives could be greatly expanded by real intelligent engineers and scientists. It could use the same propellant and delivery method (Rifle/Gun) without modifications. We could test these at dark sites. hmmm…
  2. Riot control: Huge nets deployed from helicopters, that tangled a large diameter of bad guys (not protestors, my god). Nine foot high unscalable fencing material embedded in various street locations, that normally are retracted. However, police could raise these barriers to control, impede movement, or direct rioters. A four sided version could possibly be used to corral an area of bad guys and await transport, where the mayor doesn’t object.
  3. Sonic, ECM, Chemical, and biological weapons of less deadly force is certainly worth investigating.


by Jim Kirk-Wiggins, CCO 1.0 Universal (no copyright), 08/29/2020. “The New American Patriot Almanac.“

Build A Better Mousetrap…

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Writer, Philosopher, Always a Student, Saving Democracy one webpage at a time. Patriot. Retired US Air Force, Flight Engineer. "It's always darkest when you hit the mountain". um, or It's always darkest before the dawn. I've found this absolutely true in my life many times.

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