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I’m Jim Kirk-Wiggins, starting a new website again. I’ve been very active on the internet since the 80’s, long before Facebook and Twitter domination. I didn’t invent the internet but began in Internet Relay Chat, (IRC). Then AOL, Yahoo and others. I’ve had about 1/2 a dozen websites, even run a Union website. My most recent were The Americanism, and Liberipress. I’m scaling down on New American Patriot as primarily a daily Blog.

My previous concerns about the Free Press, and the direction America was taking remains. It all has grown into critical mass. Add the new radical socialist/communist/globalist taking over the democrat party and the media. Riots, and violence destroying some of America’s greatest cities. Local governments refusing federal help, and instead defunding, and denigrating their police forces.

We have much to talk about. I hope I can find other real patriots who will challenge me, and inspire me.

I am a retired US Air Force Flight Engineer. Retired Master Sergeant, 24 years. I served in Vietnam in the early part of my career for a year. The rest of my career was diverse and a wild ride around much of the globe. It’s good meeting you, I’m looking forward to a wild blog, cracking some eggs and eggheads along the way.

Jim Kirk-Wiggins

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