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Blogging on America, Democracy, Patriotism and traitors to Americanism. Peace is always the best and first option.

We are not Nazi, or white supremacy. Patriots are diverse in America; Black, White, Mexican, Hispanic, Asian, Islam, Jew, Christian.

We believe in a stable, safe America, free from violence called demonstrations. Free from oligarchs, politicians, globalist trying to destroy our democracy, traditions, and form of government.

What’s burning in America?

Democracy, Congress, Safety, Police Respect and resources. Violent crime looting and destroying, retail stores, governmental buildings, police and private vehicles. Anarchy reins and local and state governments have been intimidated by politics and just plain yellow belly fear. Hiding behind curtains and in their basements.

The Executive Branch and Congress have constitutional responsibility to protect Americans from domestic terrorism and violence.

Americans demand! They get off their flabby asses and immediately end this. NOW!

Or do Patriots have to take back America. I promote peace. Militias or lone Wolf violence will just escalate the blood and violence. The government chicken shits are the real clear and present danger to America.

Jim Kirk-Wiggins, Aug, 11, 2020. (C), The New American Patriot Almanac.

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